UBC Post for Days #2 and #3

Hey everyone!

I wasn’t able to post for the ultimate blogging challenge yesterday because I had way too much on my plate, so this reflection is for today and for yesterday! Mostly for today, though. Today was my first day in about a year going about my professional and student life without any makeup on. I have to say, I felt so much healthier today than I have in a good long while. And I felt so comfortable with myself!

For people who do this on a regular basis, this probably seems like no big deal. And why should it? Everyone is beautiful, and whether or not they wear makeup is irrelevant. One of the commenters on my last post put it in a really great way- ‘life isn’t perfect, so why should we be?’. I think that forcing myself to do this has taught me something really beautiful- perfection is not beauty; it’s perfection. Beauty is embracing the fact that you are just like everyone else. Just a person. And there is no point trying to be or make yourself look like you are above everyone else! That’s just what I think.

As I’ve gone through college, I realized that I don’t believe in competition anymore- at least not in the sense of pushing other people down and rising above. In high school, I felt like the only way I would have any value was if I was always on top, but what I didn’t realize was that this entailed looking at other people- people who might not have the same grade, or the same friends, on a lower level. As embarassed as I am to say this, I firmly believe in always being truthful, and the truth is that I didn’t realize how pretentious it was to think that way until I got to college. Until my ego was broken down when I realized that I would never be on top, no matter how hard I studied, how well I tested, how great my grades were, and, having to do with makeup, how well-groomed or stylish I appeared.

Not only this, but I didn’t truly feel happy until I stopped thinking this way as well. I stopped looking at other people, my “competition”, as people I wanted to rise above. I started to look for ways I could rise and pull other people up with me, and I started looking for friends that wanted to rise and pull me up with them as well. And the more I’ve focused my attention on that, the easier it has been for me to form worthwhile relationships with other people, and the easier it has been for me to be and feel successful.

I’ve tapered off from the topic of makeup a little bit, but talking about all of this is to emphasize one point. We, as an American culture, put way too much emphasis on competing with each other: for money, for jobs, for looks. And we don’t focus enough on working with each other, as a team, and caring about each other like family. If we did, we might be 50% more happier than we are now, and working from 50% to 100%.

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