UBC #10- 5 Reasons to Be Happy

A mindfulness practice

Hey everyone!

It’s Wednesday- smack in the middle of the week, it’s cold and rainy outside, I had an 8:30 class this morning, my first quiz of the quarter is looming ahead of me, and I haven’t had the best week so far! There are so many things that I’m worried about, and sometimes when I feel like this, it’s hard for me to actively try to be happy.

It can be much easier sometimes to be mindful of the negative aspects of your life, and sometimes because of this we forget to be mindful of the positive aspects of our lives when there might even be an equal number of great things that we have ahead of us. As someone who thinks about mental health on a daily basis, it’s really frustrating for me to see people or organizations advocating for people to have a positive attitude and smile and be happy without telling people the why or how– how do you go about finding reasons to be positive if you simply can’t find a reason to? And why would you want to do this?

I think the why is pretty self-explanatory here: most people I know like being happy more than the like being upset, but the how is a trickier place to get to.

With that said (long explanation, I know), a method that I like to use to remain positive through the hard times is keeping a list of things in my mind that make me happy. My five for today are

  1. I get to go home in just a couple of days and see my family and stay with them over the long weekend
  2. As of Friday, my first mid-term for the quarter will officially be over and I will be free!
  3. Today is going to be my first day planning a really large, really fun event with a few other teammates for a club that I help run here at university
  4. I got to blog today even though I didn’t think I’d have time
  5. My apartment was really clean this morning before I left- that made me feel like I had my life together.

None of these except for the first are really big reasons to be happy- but it’s the practice of thinking about them and remembering them that really matters. You aren’t always going to have big things happening in your life, but make sure you watch out for the little things! Those can stack up and make bigger things too- even building a happier version of you!


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