The World Through Opaque Glass Windows

Our own thoughts, our own perceptions actually cloud our judgement. It happens more often than we like to believe, and because of that, our windows to the world are opaque- hardly crystal clear.



It is because of darkness that light glows. 

Productive Anxiety

"DO something about it”

Loving your body just like you should

Despite all the media promotion about loving yourself and how important it is to do so, I’ve never found one that effectively explains why it is important to love yourself, no matter what your current form might be. In order to share why I think it's important to appreciate your body in any shape or size, I’m going to be sharing a bit of my story and struggle with you.

We Could (All) Be Heroes

Learn to draw your own wings and fly My part time job at my university involves me doing writing consultations. The other day, I was helping a student who was trying to come up with a topic for a personal essay- he could choose absolutely any topic. I told him that if I had to …

Jump Then Fall

What to do when you don’t know what to do Jump then Fall is the title of one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs. It tells a different sort of story, but expresses the same sentiment as the one I'm interested in- jumping into an opportunity that you’re curious about, and figuring out what exactly …

An Honest Discussion About Self-Expression

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and right in the midst of taking summer classes. My summer this year has been full of empowerment because I’ve gotten the chance to see the bigger picture of how the world works. I’ve been granted the opportunity to reflect on how the way I think about myself, and the way I act as a result not only influences my mental health, but the mental health and lives of everyone else around me.


At the end of every school year, I always like to take a minute to reflect on everything I've learned. Staying positive is probably the most important thing I learned to do this year.