Reading List

Hey y’all!

When I was a lot younger, I used to love reading. But that became a lot harder to do often when I felt like other things were more important- such as staring at my phone and admiring pictures, Facebook and twitter posts, etc. And all of that seemed more important until it became stressful. Anyone else who is fairly active on social media knows that when you have to care about what people think about what you say, or the way you look, or waiting for people to reply to you, among many other things, life gets stressful really fast. Even if you aren’t on social media all the time, we use technology so regularly that it’s hard to escape the anxiety that the waiting time creates.

Books are a great place to escape to.

I started this page so that I can share with everyone who reads my blog what books I’ve been loving lately. Since I’m typically very busy I tend not to finish books very fast, but I’ll keep updating y’all on what I’m posting on here. Feel free to browse, share your own favorite books/recommendations, and let me know your thoughts if any of you have read these books too!

Content coming soon!